Mike is an experienced speaker with a strong history of delivering dynamic, interactive, and memorable speeches to a wide range of organizations. He is known for his ability to motivate, energize, and provide his audiences with actionable strategies, tactics, and techniques that they can implement immediately upon returning to their teams!

On Becoming a World Class Leader

A decorated combat leader and successful C-level executive, Mike has established a reputation as being a highly-effective mentor and an exceptional developer of leaders. His experiences in the Marine Corps and in the corporate world taught him the incredibly positive impact that an ethical, inspired, and effective leader can have on organizations of all sizes and in all environments.

In this stimulating discussion, Mike explores the common characteristics and traits of men and women who have earned reputations for being World Class leaders in various industries and professions, and more importantly, how members of the audience can become one. Participants in this discussion will leave with applicable strategies for bettering their leadership approach and a roadmap for becoming a World Class Leader.

From Combat to Corporate – Achieving Success Using Battlefield Leadership Lessons

This inspiring talk is based on the many leadership lessons Mike learned as he trained and ultimately led Marines in multiple combat operations; and how he was able to successfully leverage these lessons as a C-Level executive in a publicly traded company. Mike delivers a compelling and engaging presentation on how he taught leaders in the corporate arena to benefit from and successfully leverage leadership concepts and lessons that were forged in the unforgiving crucible of combat.

His extensive experience as a high-level executive enables him to effectively describe how various combat situations and the decisions and actions employed by combat leaders to overcome them apply to almost every situation a leader will face in the business world. Members of the audience will leave knowing that many leadership practices used by combat commanders to overcome what is known as the “Fog of War” can also be utilized to defeat the “Fog of Business” they face as leaders in the corporate arena.

Protect Your Company’s Future – Unlock the Power of Millennials

The corporate world is experiencing a period of unprecedented generational change. There are now four generations in the workforce and five generations in the consumer market. It’s become apparent that leadership and training strategies and techniques that work well for one generation can be abject failures for others.

This is especially true for the Millennials, a generation of young men and women who are an ever-increasing demographic in companies and organizations. With Baby Boomers retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day, it is inevitable that Millennials will be called upon to serve in leadership roles much earlier in their careers than were preceding generations.

In this thought-provoking talk, Mike relates his experiences coaching and training Millennials in the art of leadership, first as a senior executive, and more recently, as part of his role within client organizations. He provides members of the audience with concepts and techniques they can use to begin developing the youngest generation in their companies to be ready to assume leadership roles in the future.


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