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Countless studies show that companies with skilled, effective leaders significantly outperform their peers. Yet it is a well-known fact that most companies do not take an organized, systemic, and continuous approach to developing their current and future leaders. Many companies that do offer leadership development and training often fail, for various reasons, to achieve their goal of producing leaders capable of generating superior results in an ever-changing business climate.

Reflecting on my 40+ years of experience in leadership development and training, and by leveraging the results of research conducted by some of the most prestigious thought-leaders and cutting-edge research and consulting leadership organizations; I have identified the common culprits behind why most corporate leadership development initiatives ultimately fail to support enterprise-level strategies and business goals.

More importantly, I have worked with various subject matter experts to define critical concepts and success factors that can enable companies to take a new approach to the training and development of its leaders. Using a blended learning approach, I help educate, train, and coach leaders so they can dramatically accelerate their personal and professional development. I work best for clients who operate in a culture of execution, accountability, and leadership by example—or those who desire to create such a culture within their organizations.

I offer customized leadership training and development programs for leaders at every level: C-Suite and senior executive, SVP-VP-Director level, high-potential individuals and others serving in mid-level and front-line leadership roles.


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With over 40 years of experience providing effective leadership and achieving superior results in a wide range of challenging environments, Mike Ettore understands the personal and professional challenges senior business leaders contend with. Let him help you become a World Class Leader. Contact him today!




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