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Episode 85: Jennifer Furlong

Jennifer Arvin Furlong is the Founder and CEO of Communication TwentyFourSeven and host of the Communication TwentyFourSeven Podcast. She is an author, a TEDx speaker and coach. Jen is a communication expert with over 30 years of experience. Her passion is to help others solve their most difficult communication issues by helping them develop more effective communication skills. A Marine Corps veteran, Jen was the first woman Marine to be awarded the Sergeant Major Dan Daly Award and the first woman Marine to be appointed editor of the Quantico Sentry, the Marine Corps’ oldest newspaper. She is a first-generation college graduate, with bachelors and masters degrees in Communication, a PhD candidate, a mom, a wife, and a breast cancer survivor, which means she doesn’t believe in “I can’t.” 

Listen in as she shares some valuable insights and advice!

Episode 84: Morag Barrett

Morag Barrett is a sought out keynote speaker, author, facilitator and leading expert on the importance of cultivating healthy professional relationships at work. As the CEO of SkyeTeam, she's supported the development of more than 15,000 leaders from 20 countries.  Morag's research and thought leadership is showcased in her books and articles. She's contributed to, and and has been featured in Business Insider, Inc and Forbes among others, and she was recently listed by PeopleHum and Thinkers360 as among the 100 most influential thought leaders to follow. Listen in as Morag shares valuable insights on leadership related topics!

Episode 83: Friederike Fabritius

Friederike Fabritius is a neuroscientist and trailblazer in the field of neuroleadership. Her brain-based leadership programs have transformed how Fortune 500 executives think, innovate, and navigate change. She is a thought leader, keynote speaker and award-winning author of several books. She has just published a new book titled: The Brain-Friendly Workplace: Why Talented People Quit and How to Get Them to Stay and we discussed it in great detail in this episode!

Episode 82: Dana Cavalea

Coach Dana Cavalea is the former Director of Strength & Conditioning and Performance for the New York Yankees. He led the team to a World Championship in 2009. That same year he was awarded the Nolan Ryan Award given to the top Strength & Performance Coach in Major League Baseball as voted by his peers.
He also works as a performance coach and consultant to various organizations and some of America's Top CEOs, Executives, Wall Street Fund Managers & Traders - helping them to optimize performance,
productivity, and sales.
Listen in as Coach Dana shares insights and advice for leaders at all levels!

Episode 81: Todd Cherches

Todd Cherches is the CEO and cofounder of BigBlueGumball LLC, an innovative New York City-based management and leadership consulting, training, and executive coaching firm. A three-time award-winning Adjunct Professor of leadership at NYU and Lecturer on leadership at Columbia University, Todd is also a TEDx speaker, a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s “MG 100 Coaches,” and was one of eight global finalists for the Thinkers50 “Distinguished Achievement Award” in Leadership (2021).
In this episode, Todd shares superb insights and advice for leaders at all levels!

Episode 80: Alex Castro

Alex Castro is the CEO of M Corp and has helped clients deliver complex corporate strategies for the last twenty years. He finds new approaches to serving and building companies by identifying their operational vulnerabilities and correcting them.
He is also the author of a best-selling book and we’re going to discuss the book and other topics during today’s episode!

Episode 79: Lona Spisso

Lona Spisso, is a combat Veteran, former Military Officer, and highly sought-after executive coach, who empowers high impact, high leverage individuals devoted to make a difference by harnessing their natural influence and authenticity, so that they can motivate and inspire teams to reach peak performance, while creating a sustainable work-life balance. 
With two decades working in the private, corporate, and professional sports industries, Lona’s coaching method has been proven from the battlefield to the boardroom. 
Listen in as Lona shares some valuable leadership insights!

Episode 78: Graig Paglieri

Graig Paglieri is responsible for day-to-day operational leadership and strategic direction for Randstad’s professional staffing and solutions, including the Technologies, Engineering, Life Sciences and Cella line of businesses as well as the company’s technology consulting brand, Celerity. Graig also leads the Randstad Offshore Services teams to bring efficiencies and delivery back to the US market.
Starting his career with the U.S. Marine Corps after college, Graig has since spent the last two decades in professional staffing, IT managed services and management consulting. Listen in as he shares valuable insights for leaders at all levels!

Episode 77: Mark McKearn

Mark is a retired U.S. Army Colonel with 30 years of active service and extensive leadership experience--both leading soldiers in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as peacekeeping operations in Kosovo and spearheaded U.S. humanitarian relief operations in Austria and Pakistan following natural disasters. Mark McKearn is a Senior Business Strategist for Generational Consulting Group. He is also a Vistage CEO Group Chair providing leadership and coaching for CEOs of small business entrepreneurs and middle market companies.

Episode 76: Dr. Paul Corona
Dr. Paul Corona is a successful leader, a coach, an author, and an educator. He is a professor of Leadership at Northwester University's Kellogg School of Management. He founded the award-winning Lee’s 3 Habits system, which helps motivated professionals build stronger relationships and achieve greater happiness – and he’s the author of The Wisdom of Walk-Ons: 7 Winning Strategies for College, Business and Life.

Episode 75: Tom Kolditz

Tom Kolditz is a coach, an author, an inspirational speaker, and a teacher. He is an internationally recognized expert on crisis leadership and leadership in extreme contexts, and in the development of programs to inculcate leadership and leader development in everything from project teams to large organizations. Tom Kolditz is the founding Director of the Ann & John Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University—the most comprehensive, evidence-based, university-wide leader development program in the world.

Episode 74: April Shprintz

April Shprintz is an accomplished leader whose career has spanned the Air Force, corporate America, and her own firm—Driven Outcomes—where she works with companies globally. April is the creator of the Generosity Culture®. When April is not teaching companies how to “pour into” their people, their clients, and their community, she invests her time with various nonprofits helping children, veterans, and those experiencing homelessness.

Episode 73: Laura Gates

Laura Gates is an executive coach, team facilitator, and advisor to executives at Silicon Valley’s top tech companies. For over 25 years Laura has coached and facilitated for companies working on some of the leading edge technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and engineering, as well as many other industries including space and aeronautics, academia, energy, finance and communications, government, global corporations, prisons, homeless organizations, and global women’s initiatives.

Episode 72: Doug Rich

Doug Rich is a former Marine Corps Captain and Infantry officer. Doug is a Senior Leader with extensive experience in designing, building and optimizing teams to help organizations achieve top and bottom line results in the face of an ever changing and complex employment environment. Doug has developed and honed a very unique set of skills to best support organizations by first enabling and supporting their most valuable asset--People.

Episode 71: Sunni Smith

Sunni has Over 15 years in the field of leadership and organizational strategy, primarily as a consultant, coach, trainer, and facilitator. Sunni developed and produced theater events to bring about much needed dialogue about diversity in today's society. She has led international trade/policy missions to South Africa and Colombia, South America. She was the recipient of the CORO Public Policy Fellowship & Annenberg Summer Faculty Fellowship. Sunni holds a Master’s degree in counseling and rehabilitation, a J.D. with certification in communications law, and a Master’s degree in Public Policy Law from Georgetown University.