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Episode 115: Dan Tocchini

Dan Tocchini is a Human Performance Specialist, author, and highly regarded business consultant. 

He specializes in change management, conflict resolution, executive leadership, sales, negotiation, and business development. 

Dan has over 35 years of experience in helping people navigate monumental personal and business transformations, and he’s worked with many companies…large, small, non-profits and others, from a wide range of diverse industries and specialties.

I’ve been following Dan on various social media platforms and it’s obvious to me that he possesses a wealth of experience and insights that can be of great benefit to those aspiring to Leadership Excellence.

Episode 114: Mansi Priyanka Goel

Mansi Goel, formerly Google's Global Head of Product Policy, is now named among the Top 5 Executive Coaches for Tech. She helps execs and their teams up-level leadership skills to support business objectives.

She has extensive experience coaching the C-suite of VC- and PE-backed high-growth companies, partners across premier VC firms, and emerging and established leaders at F100 tech firms.

Mansi's coaching motto is "Lead with a cool head and a warm heart" as she works to expand her clients' agility within changing contexts.

I am grateful that Mansi agreed to share some of her wisdom and insights with us!

Episode 113: Eric Recker

Dr. Eric Recker is husband, father, dentist, elite success coach, speaker, author, pilot, and recovering triathlete. He has pushed his life to the limit and discovered that what he was searching for at the top of the mountain wasn’t there.

In this second half of his life, he is committed to helping people learn to #WINtheNOW and discover the life they were meant to live. A life with hope, a plan, and a belief that good days are truly ahead.

I’ve followed Eric on social media and several podcasts,  and I am excited to hear his thoughts on a variety of topics that apply to those serving in leadership roles.

Episode 112: Rich Horwath

RICH HORWATH is the founder and CEO of the Strategic Thinking Institute where he is a strategy facilitator and coach to executive leadership teams. 

He is a former Chief Strategy Officer and professor of strategy at the graduate level, and has helped more than a quarter million leaders develop their strategic thinking and planning capabilities over the past two decades.

Rich is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of eight books on strategic thinking, including his most recent work, STRATEGIC: The Skill to Set Direction, Create Advantage, and Achieve Executive Excellence which was  selected by Inc. Magazine as a top 4 “must-read book for 2024.”

He has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX TV to provide expert commentary on business strategy and his work has been published in Fast Company, Forbes, and the Harvard Business Review.

Episode 111: John Schuhart

John Schuhart has extensive Senior Executive leadership experience in the US Intelligence Community, to include the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency.

As a leadership coach, he helps clients gain self-awareness, increase emotional intelligence, think strategically, refine their leadership style, strengthen communication skills, and realize their personal development goals while becoming more aware of their own and others' perspectives, assumptions, and biases.

Listen in as he shares valuable leadership insights!

Episode 110: Lara Jones

Lara Jones is an award-winning Grit Performance Expert, Keynote Speaker, Author and Creator of the Global G.R.I.T. System™ and She’s also the Founder and CEO of two global businesses.

Lara has worked with Fortune 100 companies, US military, celebrities, and executives to develop and enhance performance on multiple levels for leaders, teams, and entire organizations through her leadership and grit programs, workshops & consultancy.

Lara has been featured in numerous publications for her grit facing the loss of her youngest son and nearly her own life. 

As the renowned Global Grit Girl™, Lara has channeled her deep expertise and research into creating the Global G.R.I.T. System™ that is unveiled in her book, "Hunt or Be Hunted: How Anyone Can Develop Grit and lead Like a Legend", and we’re going to talk about the book during our conversation.


Episode 109: Frank Cespedes

Frank Cespedes is a highly experienced business executive and sales management expert, and he also serves as a Senior Lecturer at Harvard Business School. 

 He has run a business, served on boards for start-ups and large companies, and consulted to many companies around the world, and is the author of six books and many articles in Harvard Business Review, The Wall Street Journal, California Management Review, and other publications.

Frank possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I am pleased he’s agreed to share some of his wisdom with us!

Episode 108: Eric Herrenkohl

Eric Herrenkohl is Managing Director at AchieveNEXT, a Philadelphia based company that provides a wide spectrum of executive and professional services to help leaders and their enterprises achieve success and corporate excellence.

Prior to joining AchieveNEXT, Eric operated his own consulting firm and helped individual executives and executive teams maximize their leadership impact and operational effectiveness. 

In addition to being a published author, Eric has made appearances on Business Week, Fox News, and NBC News, and his articles have also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer,,,, and

Episode 107: Hortense Le Gentil

Hortense Le Gentil is a world-renowned executive leadership coach, speaker, and author. She guides CEOs and senior executives on their journey from hero leaders to human leaders, drawing from over 30 years of experience working across various industries—including media consulting and advertising—and as an entrepreneur.

Hortense has been ranked #5 on the Global Gurus list by World Management Global Gurus. She is a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered™, a member of MG100 Coaches, and she is a contributor to Harvard Business Review and, and has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and Business Insider.  

In this episode, she shares valuable leadership insights and advice!

Episode 106: Elizabeth Pearson

Elizabeth Pearson is an executive career coach who specializes in helping women navigate job changes, find a path to success in male-dominated fields, and launch their own companies. 

Elizabeth has coached C-suite leaders at Fortune 500 companies including Meta, Nike, Google and more. 

She is a contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, Yahoo, and has been an expert guest on national networks including CNN, and is the author of Career Confinement: How to Free Yourself, Find Your Guides, and Seize the Fire of Inspired Work, where she shares practical ways to shift your mindset to seize your full professional power and potential.

Episode 105: Karen Benoy Preston

Karen Benoy Preston is the CEO and Founder of Karen Benoy, a company that helps individuals and organizations unlock their full potential. 

Her clients come from a wide range of industries and sectors, from healthcare and biotechnology to financial services, technology, and the federal government. Her goal is to guide them toward greater clarity, purpose, and fulfillment, whether through one-on-one coaching, team workshops, or consulting engagements. 

She has collaborated with global organizations such as IBM, Ernst & Young, Salesforce, Intuit, American Express, and Ally Financial to drive transformation and empower leaders.

She possesses a wealth of experience and lessons learned and I am grateful that she’s agreed to share her views on leadership with us.

Karen…welcome to the Fidelis Leadership Podcast!

Episode 104: Rose Fass

Rose Fass has over 40+ years of experience in technology and consumer-based industries. 

During her impressive career, Rose has opened new businesses in the United States, been a general manager with full P&L responsibility and led major corporate transformations. 

As the Chief Transformation Officer at Xerox, Rose led the transition to the global industry and solutions business, — integrating acquisitions, diverse cultures and operating units, to develop and execute the enterprise strategy. 

Rose Joined the Gartner Group in 2000 and established the Center for Business Transformation, a center of excellence aimed at transforming their business model from analog to digital. 

A dynamic speaker, Rose is frequently invited to speak at private and public sector events. She is featured in Fortune’s Most Powerful Women of 2022 and in Entrepreneur 100 Women of Influence in Westchester, and is listed in Forbes 2012 Top 10 Women Business Leaders of New York. 

She’s also the author of The Chocolate Conversation: Lead Bittersweet Change, Transform your Business, and her most recent book The Leadership Conversation: Make Bold Change, One Conversation At A Time, and we’re going to discuss this book during our conversation.

Rose…welcome to the Fidelis Leadership Podcast!

Episode 103: Alan Heymann

Alan Heymann has a knack for coaching fellow introverts, helping them find their superpowers in an extroverted world. He also specializes in coaching through transitions. 

To date, Alan has coached leaders who were born in 26 countries and work on 5 continents. Alan is also the author of the book Don't Just Have the Soup: 52 Analogies for Leadership, Coaching and Life…and we’re going to talk about it during our conversation today.

He’s a communications and marketing veteran from the media, government, and nonprofit sectors, with degrees in journalism and law. Alan has spent time as a reporter, anchor, editor and producer, spokesperson, business owner, activist, and team leader. His entire career has focused on doing good in the world, by helping others grow.

Episode 102: Ian Ziskin

Ian Ziskin has over 40 years of experience as a C-level executive, board advisor and member, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, teacher, speaker, and he's the author of 4 books. 

Ian is recognized as a trusted advisor to C-level executives, other business leaders, and board members. His clients and corporate work span over 25 industries and include Fortune 1000, entrepreneurial, publicly traded, and privately held businesses.

I've been following Ian's work for several years and I am grateful that he's agreed to share some of his wisdom with us today.

Episode 101: Doug Strickel

Doug Strickel is an experienced business executive and leadership coach and trainer. 

He focuses on speaking to groups, teaching seminars, or leading developmental sessions for leadership teams in various environments, with emphasis on workplace culture development, leadership development, team building, strategy development, and execution focus. 

He has over 30 years of experience leading others, building teams, managing businesses, and developing operational strategies, and I am grateful that he's with us today to share some of his vast experience and insights.