Executive Coaching

My executive coaching engagements are uniquely tailored to each individual and are designed to provide focus that can deepen an executive’s self-awareness and promote personal and professional growth. The private, in-person coaching sessions provide leaders with an opportunity to engage in focused, constructive, and confidential dialogue with a skilled and objective listener. I collaborate with each executive to design a program that fosters and accelerates individual growth, while providing the coaching and facilitation to achieve desired outcomes.

One-on-One Executive Coaching

One-on-One coaching engagements typically focus on executive leadership development via private coaching sessions; which can also be supplemented with sponsor and stakeholder feedback, the utilization of diagnostic and information gathering methods, and on-site shadowing. This type of coaching is designed to enable experienced executives in mission critical roles to practice new behaviors and attain and sustain enhanced levels of leadership impact and effectiveness. Each coaching engagement is tailored to address the unique needs of the executive and is linked to an action-plan that measures his or her progress toward attaining established deliverables and results. One-on-One Executive Coaching is for:

  • Executives who seek to enhance their leadership presence and effectiveness
  • Executives who are preparing for a critical succession move
  • Executives who have recently moved into a new role
  • Executives with a leadership style or approach that is not producing desired results.

Executive Team Coaching

This type of coaching is typically a combination of individual and team coaching sessions. I collaborate with the members of an executive team to gain awareness of existing individual relationships and team dynamics and the effects they are having on the culture of the company and the achievement of business objectives. This approach is especially effective when the members of an executive team acknowledge that they need to become more aligned in order to provide a more cohesive, consistent and effective leadership presence to all members of the company.

High Potential Individual Coaching

This type of coaching is designed to accelerate the growth of high-potential executives and other individuals who have been identified as having the potential for serving in roles of greater scope and responsibility in the future. I collaborate with the high-potential individual, his or her current leader, and other key stakeholders to identify gaps that exist between the individual’s current role and the leadership skills and competencies required for future roles. Based on this gap analysis, I then work with the individual to create a comprehensive individual development plan; the purpose of the plan is to build on existing strengths and to create a roadmap for developing and refining those skills and competencies required for successfully serving in senior executive roles.

Executive Onboarding Coaching

According to studies, more than 50% of senior executives entering a new position are terminated, resign, or perform significantly below expectations during the first 18 months. The risk of failure is even greater when an executive has been hired to lead and manage a change initiative, turnaround situation, or the integration activities following a merger or acquisition.

Obviously, the initial weeks and months of an executive’s tenure are critical, and an effective onboarding process can dramatically accelerate the transition of a new executive into a fully functioning business leader. Conversely, an ineffective onboarding process can be very costly, including wasted expenditures on executive search fees, relocation costs, severance packages, and other hard costs associated with the rapid exit of a newly hired executive. Some additional negative ramifications include the damage to the morale of other team members, and the loss of momentum toward achieving one or more of the company’s business objectives.

Executive Onboarding Coaching is a collaborative process that is designed to reduce risks and costs by intervening to identify and address potential challenges faced by new executives, and to increase their productivity by accelerating rapid and successful assimilation into the executive team and the culture and operational tempo of the company. This type of coaching focuses on the early stages of an executive’s tenure and it has proven to greatly reduce the time it takes for him or her to start making a meaningful impact on the company’s stated vision and goals. Executive Onboarding Coaching is for:

  • Newly Hired Executives
  • Promotions (Individuals who are new to the executive level of leadership)
  • Geographic Relocations
  • Executives involved with dynamic, rapidly changing business environments such as those found during mergers and acquisitions.
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