How Not to Lead

It’s good to be known as a leader who leads by example and demands excellence from his team. It’s not good to be known as a leader who simply cannot be pleased. The good leader sets high goals for his team and praises incremental progress and outstanding effort when he sees it.

The poor leader sets high goals for his team and refuses to acknowledge any positive results, trends or momentum toward those goals. This type of leader is demoralizing to work for and the people on his team rarely produce the results they are truly capable of.

I once had a leader who reported to the CEO of a company say this about his boss, “Nothing’s ever good enough for him. We’ve stopped trying to meet his expectations because we know he expects perfection on an impossible timeline. Most of us are actively seeking jobs at other companies.”

Don’t be this leader.

If you work for this leader and believe he will never change, take your talent and work ethic to a place where both will be appreciated and recognized.

-Mike Ettore


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