Chapter 34: Friction

"As in warfare, every industry, profession, company, or team encounters two main types of friction:

1. External Friction

These are things you have little control over that arise from outside of the organization. In combat, it could be the presence of a much bigger enemy force than anticipated or inclement weather that prevents close air support from helping ground forces. Examples in business might be a broad economic crash, the unexpected loss of a critical supplier of raw materials, or even a natural disaster or a fire at a facility which disrupts operations.

Leaders may not be able to control whether or not external friction happens, but they can certainly control how they react to it...

2. Internal Friction

Sometimes referred to as “self-imposed friction,” internal friction includes unplanned challenges and situations that happen within the organization, such as a key team member getting sick or leaving for another job, or a critical IT system going down. In some cases, a leader can influence and minimize the occurrence of internal friction. In other instances, he or she cannot."

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