Criticism must always be accompanied by Solutions

A Roman General was the subject of politically motivated criticism and second-guessing from those far removed from the battlefield. He essentially said, "You're welcome to join us on the battlefield, observe what's happening and then offer your suggestions to me."

He stated, "If anyone is reluctant to do this and prefers the leisure of the city to the hardships of campaigning, let him not steer the ship from on shore."

Many world leaders are being required to make decisions that will impact their countries and citizens for decades to come. They must do so with imperfect information and data, and the consequences for poor decisions or inaction will be unprecedented.

These leaders, like the Roman General, face relentless criticism from those who "prefer to steer the ship from on shore" - most of whom have never been in a leadership role and have never felt the pressure of having to make decisions that literally can mean the difference between life and death for millions of people.

From Chapter 58: Ettore's Rules

17. Criticism must always be accompanied by recommended solutions or alternatives.

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