Beware of January 1st Deadlines!

As an executive coach, I offer these words of caution to my clients:

“Beware of January 1st deadlines and implementations!”

Executives often direct January 1st deadlines and "Go-Live" dates for systems implementations, and by doing so, they have effectively ruined the holidays of many of their teammates. A January 1st deadline means that many of their IT staff and members of various departments will be working 18-hour days, including weekends, during most of Q4.

Wise leaders know that in many instances, an April 1st "Go-Live" has much greater chances of success than those initiated on January 1st.

I speak from personal experience as a former CIO responsible for several enterprise-level systems implementations for a >$1Billion publicly-traded company.

Good leaders ask the right questions regarding the potential risks and ripple-effect of their plans, timelines and due dates.

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